ETC SERVICE GMBH „Update about the transaction“

Von: Martin Jose Barreiro
Tel : 88652993329
E-Mail :
Thema: Update about the transaction
Nachricht: Hello,

How are you doing trust fine? I m writing to you today again because I really want us to partner together on this profitable deal that will favor both us.

I know maybe you have tried to email me without reaching me though, be informed that I have suspend the using of my other email for now because I notice that some individuals hacked into my account, for this purpose and for security reasons, I have to suspend using the other email for now, therefore from now henceforth I will need all our communications to be on this email so we can communicate better.

The Total amount is US$13.5 Million, like I suggested after the transaction, we donate 5% of the money to charity organizations while the remaining 95% is shared equally between us. What do you think about this suggestion?

I will appreciate your urgent response.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Jose Barreiro,

Tel. +34 661 220 756

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